The Oklahoma Election Project (OEP) is a not-for-profit coalition, bringing together grassroots volunteers in the state of Oklahoma.

OEP is a nonpartisan group advocating for positive change in alignment with the coalition objectives.

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I'm Emilie Garrelts

Oklahoma Election Project is co-founded by Emilie Garrelts, who has rallied alongside several other freedom-loving groups in our state.

“Oklahoma is my home and I have a deep passion to see our state succeed. It’s been amazing to link arms with so many different groups full of parents, students, teachers, and patriots of Oklahoma.

Recent elections have opened many of our eyes and shined a light on the need for improvements with local elections.

I am committed to establishing a functional, sustainable and responsive coalition for our grassroots partners to depend on. We are here for Oklahoma Parents, Educators and Taxpayers.

OEP 2023 is a rapidly growing community full of passionate, dedicated people. I’m honored to lead the way as we launch our annual objectives. Don’t wait to get involved – we depend on partnerships with people like you!”

Why Do I Care?

Recent events have opened my eyes to areas where we, as a community, state, and country, can improve. I’m passionate about process improvements, and have a keen eye for areas where waste, fraud, or process failures may be attributing to the breakdown of policy or program ideals. In my career, I’m seen as a leader in driving positive change that often results in large financial savings. It’s natural to bring the same skills to other passions, such as our local government.

After the pandemic, I felt strongly that improvement was needed, and my passion grew to help identify and implement necessary change that affects our daily lives. We need to ensure we can have open discussions and find compromises to tough issues, while removing barriers that may be prohibiting positive progress.

“I truly enjoy working with Emilie and appreciate her professional and focused approach as a leader. She sets the example for leadership abilities and practical application to best support the business and the success of the program.”

- Dwight Clark

“Emilie has unique methods to lay out a problem and driving to a solution while making sure everyone stays engaged. This type of leadership is very important when dealing with a fast paced program…where timing and attention to details is critical in the overall success.”

- Blake Burden

“Emilie is excellent at making sure that plans, changes to plans, and decisions are flowed to other impacted teams… Emilie is quick to share her rich experience with others and that is something that I have benefitted from greatly and appreciate.”

- Lyndsey Ellis

Emilie Garrelts

Emilie grew up in Oklahoma City, and currently lives in Edmond, OK. She is a mom of 2 boys and has been married to her husband Brett for over 17 years. They have a Weimaraner, named Kyia, and an average of 15 or so fish in their freshwater aquarium. Emilie volunteers with various community groups and has a passion for driving change in local government and linking arms with other freedom-loving patriots. Her hobbies include RVing and tent camping with her family, long hikes, kayaking, baking, singing, dancing, music, and anything arts & crafts. In 2022, her family completed their adventure of visiting all 34 State Parks in Oklahoma in 3 years.

Professionally, Emilie has worked as an engineer in aerospace & nuclear weapons. Emilie has extensive experience in engineering, project & program management. Emilie currently works at Boeing Oklahoma City as a Sr. Project Engineer on the B-52 Platform Integration Team. Emilie has received multiple awards as both a professional and volunteer highlighting her tremendous leadership and accomplishments at driving successful teams. Emilie graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and from West Texas A&M University with an MBA.


I'm Michael Grande

Oklahoma Election Project is co-founded by Michael Grande, who has rallied alongside several other freedom-loving groups in our state.

“I love our state, and running for public office opened my eyes to just how great Oklahoma and our people really are. This is our home and I want to be a part of making it the best. I have a passion to see our state succeed. I am proud and honored to have had the opportunity to meet so many different groups of parents, students, teachers, and patriots of Oklahoma.

After being heavily involved at the local level for the past 2 years, I can see there is a definite need for improvement with our local elections.

I am committed to building a grassroots coalition of partners to move the needle on key pieces of legislation in our state.

OEP 2023 is a rapidly growing community full of passionate, dedicated people. I’m thrilled to lead the way as we launch our annual objectives. Don’t wait to get involved – we depend on partnerships with people like you!”

Why Do I Care?

Call me a throwback, but I believe in freedom and that if you are going to take a job to represent or serve the people, you should be accountable. During covid, we saw just how easy our government - from local school boards to federal agencies - would take measures to suppress and control our lives. I look at that as a positive, and a place to focus on going forward, to make improvements to protect not just our rights, but our community as well. I am happy to contribute and lead positive change to making Oklahoma not just a great state but a beacon of freedom for all to see.

Some citizens do not understand health choices are individually-based upon everyone’s unique emotional and physical makeup. Parents know that! Michael knows that!

- Liza Greves

“Michael is an amazing parent, grandparent, believer, and patriot. Thank you for fighting for the kids in Edmond!”

- Jake A. Merrick

“Michael is the parent needed on the school board that will bring the oversight and accountability our taxpayers are asking for. He will always place the best interests of our students, parents, and schools at the forefront of every decision he makes.”

- Lions Den, Edmond

Michael Grande

Michael is a dedicated husband to his wife Lauren. Together, they have five children, ages 17 to 8. Michael has been very active in his children’s education and ran a campaign for election to the Edmond Public School Board in 2022.

The son of an immigrant, Michael is no stranger to working long hours to succeed. He worked multiple jobs to put himself through college and since graduation, he has spent the last 19 years in business and finance. Michael is the Chief Operating Officer of a private investment and management company and also owns and operates his own private consulting company.

For the last five years, he served as a board member of the Vose Foundation, focused on supporting the health and needs of women and children in the greater Oklahoma City area.

Michael has always loved and fiercely protected freedom. He has firsthand knowledge of the abuse and poverty his father suffered as a boy before coming to America. His grandmother, who survived a firing line in a WWII concentration camp, always reminded him that freedom isn’t free, to never take it for granted, and to always persevere.

Michael and Lauren constantly encourage the values of hard work, family and taking care of your neighbor in their own children and remind them that, “At the end of the day, we must take responsibility for our actions and lives.”


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